Here you will find a list of example web elements so you can get an idea as to what kind of elements you want on your website. Everything can be customized to your website's specific needs.

Basic Content Page (example)

A basic content page is a page that includes very simple content, from paragraphs, photos, and others. You can also link to documents.

Contact Page (example)

A contact page contains contact information, a contact form, a map, and hours for your business/organization.

Blog/Newsfeed (example)

A blog, also known as a newsfeed, can be used to update your readers on what is going on.

Photo Gallery/Slideshow (example)

An photo gallery can be used on your website to display photos. There are several styles in which they can be displayed, including slideshows. A slideshow can also be used to display images in a decorative manner to enhance your website's visual appeal.

Forms (example)

Forms can be used to gather information from your readers/customers/clients. This includes uploading files you may want them to submit to you. They can be as basic or as complex as you need.

Videos (example)

We can put videos and video playlists on your website. We could embed a video player or embed a single video.

Audio (example)

We can insert audio / music / podcast playlists to your website.

Map (example)

A map can be embedded into your website and resized according to how you want it formatted.

Calendar (example)

A calendar can be used to track events on your website. It's great for organizations, clubs, etc. There are many different uses of calendars for all kinds of events, from sporting events, a restaurant trivia event, charity fundraiser, and many more.

Appointment Booking (example)

Appointment booking is a feature that can allow your customers/clients to book appointments if you are an organization or business that does this kind of thing.

Polls (example)

A poll can be used on your website to take polls and surveys.

Flipbooks (example)

A flipbook can be used to take PDFs and turn them into flipbooks. The are also shareable and downloadable.

Tickets & Events (example)

You can sell tickets on your website. You can have just a button on your website to link to Eventbrite or show the entire ticketing.

Banner Slider (example)

A banner slider can be used to rotate advertisments, features, or anything you like on your website.

Notification Bar (example)

A notification bar can be used to put links/notifications/announcements on the top of your website. It can be customize in different colors. You can use it on entire website or just one page or a group of pages.

Chat (example)

An online chat can be embedded to your website to give you easy access to customers/readers of your website.

eCommerce - Cart Management (example)

The eCommerce option allows you to have a store on your website to sell things.

eCommerce - Basic Payment Form (example)

The basic payment form allows you to have simple form for one or a few items. You can use Paypal Basic, Paypal Pro, Autorize.net for credit card processing.

eCommerce - Restaurant Ordering (example)

The restaurant ordering option allows customers to order food from restaraunts right on their website.

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